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Adolescent Therapy



I have spent a significant amount of time as a clinician working with teenagers.  The unique and often rocky phase of life called tweenage and teenagedome is often lost in todays cultural dichotomy of production and convenience.  The essence of adolescence is about stepping out of the home and into the village.  It is a phase of life that requires rebellion and novelty seeking.  Psychotherapy is a wonderful way to provide a teen with an experience of the village to provide both.  It is the paradox of pushing against that both makes adolensence so tumultious and yet also captures the essence of who a young person is so deeply striving to become and who they truely are. 


Teen Work

As a teen therapist I aim to connect with teens in a unique and authentic way.  Many teens might regard me as an uncle or older wiser brother.  As a therapist it is very important to meet teens at their level while also maitaining a certain level of authority that comes with age.  Walking that line can be difficult for adults in their relationship with teens.  I concurrently maintain a level of confidentiality with my teen clients so as to honor their need for trust in me.  I do however make it clear to all of my teen clients that if they are going to make a choice that puts them or someone else in extreme risk that I am obligated by law to break confidentiality as my duty to protect them.  


Parent Coaching

Additionally parents are often lost about how to resopond to their teenagers.  As young people grow older parents will have to change their approach to parenting.  This will mean more more responsibilities and freedoms for the young person.  I aim to collaborate and provide parent coaching when necessary and helpful.  I may aim to discuss the general theme of the adolescents therapy and how parents can support their teen in the home, at school, and through collaboration with extended family, or between divorced or seperated couples.  



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