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Men's Work



One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working with other men.  In my experience men typically operate in relationship from the perspective of "you first" or "me first".  Both stances cause suffering for him and the loved ones that surround them.  One position leaves a man feeling connected but impotent, the other leaves a man with his pride in tact yet deeply alone. It is very common for men to feel a sense of deep alienation and aloneness.  As men we often receive the cultural message that your supposed to be able to " pick your self up by your boot straps."  This mentality may work a few times but ultimately it further buries the truth of the suffering that men often bear.  In my work with men I aim to slow things down and redefine our lost vulnerability as our deepest strength and inner guide.  Most importantly in my work with men I undo the script that you have to do this thing called life alone.  Alone we suffer together we thrive. Even in the heart of the strongest warriors we know this vulnerable truth.

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